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A symbiosis of art, nature and science

(how it all started)

Ever since I remember, nature has been a big part of my life. I grew up surrounded by nature and
remember myself collecting leaves from a wide variety of plants and taking care of injured wild
animals. Later, in this wild child’s life, art emerged that gradually combined with the sense of nature in

By accidentally learning that various plants can be coated with metal by electrolysis and thus
preserving their beauty, I was incredibly impressed with this idea. Such an amazing union of nature, art
and science!

Since then, everything happened by itself, despite different failures - half a year of persistent tests and
experiments have given the results. With the support of those who surround me, the first orders gave
me confidence in what I was doing and encouraged me to continue and to improve.
This is how jewelry was born - fragile and temporary parts of nature immortalized in a sustainable

metal form. Now I can turn almost any organic object into jewelry.
With love for what I do, the author of your jewelry.

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