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Akvilina Šimkevičiūtė

Jewelry from forests.
Nature and handmade production


This jewelry began as a project which main goal was to capture and highlight the natural beauty of
temporary works of nature. Organic jewelry connects and binds two, at first glance inseparable: metal and organic matter.


Thus, the beginning of each work starts from the searching, gathering, sorting, preparation of
different materials and also trying to capture the original form and shape of each object. Then, by
electroplating, all these fragile and temporary creations of nature are immortalized, rendered inert to
the time when copper is coated with an object by electron deposition and assumes its shape. Indeed,
the most likely metamorphosis, the transmutation of life-freezing copper into near-living jewelry, is an essential step in the development of all products.


Various changes are made below to highlight each unique product - at this stage I use oxidation,
silvering, varnishing and other processes. The work combined and prepared from nature and art thus waits for its owner.


Contact me if you want to order custom jewelry or if you have any questions about products or if you
would like to come to a shop and try it out.

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