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Concept, art direction,

3D art and editing by Elimacabre

Female model: Elena Motiejūnaitė

Jewelry artist: Sacred Forest Jewellery

Male model: @salioundiiaye

Photography by Gediminas Šiaulys

2023 m


Flora and Fauna

This is a virtual exhibition which represents Baltic zoogeographic province and representatives
that are found in flora and fauna. The art works of the exhibitions intertwine the themes of death,
wailing, temporariness and longevity. Going through the all information that was collected over
the last century, it becomes clear that human activities have not only negative impact on the
extinction of the natural world species population, but also it paves the way for the spread of
invasive species in Lithuania and in the global scale. In this case, rhetorical question arises
whether we will have the kind of natural identity for future generations that we have now and
whether the results of human activities will not lead to negative irreversible processes. The
elements of this exhibition are creating using technology of electrolysis which binds two things
that are incompatible at first sight – metal and organic matter. In this way, all these ornaments
inside the work preserve a real, organic, once lived object, which is covered with a sustainable,
long-lasting material – metal, and this form of such a transmutation gives the art work elegance
to the theme of preservation. What is naturally fragile and tend to extinct becomes long-lasting.
According to this emerges the metaphor, that prosperity of flora and fauna and the survival of
species diversity depends on human and their choices. The alliance of the natural world fits in to
a small accessory, which is subordinate for the owner and reminds that preservation of nature
depends on making conscious and ethical decisions in your life and by forming consumption

Author Akvilina Šimkevičiūtė     Photo Liepa Grušaitė

Partly financed by the Lithuanian Council of Culture.


Jewellery Akvilina Šimkevičiūtė     Model Monika Galinaitytė     Photo Lunaria Wonderland

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